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Come and join us in Akron, Ohio

and celebrate A.A.'s Anniversary also!

June 9, 2011


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Keep checkin here to see what's goin' on
Whatever your choice of vehicle is
Drive SAFE and drive it SOBER!
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Fall is here!
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I'll post info on the Spring and Summer happenings as they come in.
Lori and I were married on 6-9-2007!
Lori and I will be celebrating our 4th year as married-married people on 6-9-2011!

 The most recent addition to the stable
My '08 K1200LT BMW
My '03 Chevy Avalanche

I found a site which might be the most complete list of Motorcycle events taking place all over the country.
Check this out:

I have added a new page to my web...

For Sale Page 16

Click on the link and go check out the new pictures of where I have been!



If'n ya got some happenings around your area that ya want posted up here...send them on and I will try to get them up here ASAP!


For photos of any or all the happenings I have attended, be sure to check out my WebShots photo album
Be sure to check the WEB LINKS on page 11 and go to Bike Week banner for updates and news on Bike Week
More to come...Keep checkin for updates'-)
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